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Autism Horses Group

Innovation for Future, Friendship & Functioning


Autism Horses Group Therapy

Supporting the specific-needs community in a unique, compassionate and fun equine assisted therapy environment.


Autism Horses Group Education

Providing neurodivergence training to workplaces & professionals in order to create motivated, thriving and cohesive team environments.


Autism Horses Group Training

Online and bespoke e-learning courses for equine assisted professionals wanting to work with neurodiverse participants.

Neurodiversity means we are all different

Welcome to Autism Horses Group

At Autism Horses Group, we help people from all walks of life with capacity building and independent functioning. Our programs are based on the most up-to-date research and are individually tailored for each participant.

Our multidisciplinary team understand the challenges that being a parent or caregiver of a specific-needs person are, and our programs are developed for the participant as well as their support network by providing a ‘no demand stimulus’ therapy environment. We aim to support members of our community who experience their environment hypo-reactively, reducing the sensory experience which can be overwhelming, anxiety provoking and scary.

Autism Horses Group Equine Therapy

Autism Horses Group Practise a Relationship Based, Play and Experiential Model of Therapy.

We work with specific-needs children and adults. Our ground-breaking and innovative programs are developed to your specific therapy goals, delivering outcomes, goal progression and achievement. The programs are unique in their structure, using evidence-based techniques to regulate our body’s autonomic nervous system through the calming rhythms of the horse’s.

Our Approach

Why Choose Us?

Our approach to therapy is based on the most recent and informed research, showing that neural pathways in the brain of some of us respond favourably to sensory modulation.

Autism Horses Group Equine Therapy Individualised Programs
Individualised Program

A caring and fun personalised therapy environment, where one size doesn’t fit all.

Autism Horses Group Evidence Based Therapy
Evidence-Based & Data Driven

We provide a full in-depth report for your annual NDIS Planning Meeting.

Autism Horses Group NFP
Not for

Everything we do goes back into enhancing and serving you and the neurodiverse community.

We Work With a Range of Neurodiverse Clients Using Our Program Model of Somatic Therapy

Autism Horses Group uses Somatic Therapy, experienced alongside equine assisted activities, to help people with autism, down syndrome, who have suffered a stroke, fetal alcohol syndrome, pathological demand avoidance, ADHD, stress and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), from the ages of two upwards.

Creating Connection

Our Therapy Programs

Our program model is Equine Assisted Somatic Therapy. We are not equine therapists, but specialist educators and counsellors.

We chose horses as our co-facilitators for their calming effect on the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS), which leads to and promotes interpersonal and intra-personal skill-building opportunities.

Our Approach is Simple and Unique, As We Work and Live The Same Life As You

Autism Horses Group's skilled and compassionate multidisciplinary team developed advanced evidence-based programs incorporating Specialist Education, Counselling, Psychology, Occupational Therapy and Liberty Based Horsemanship to create connections, overcome fears and build the confidence within our clients.

Join the Community

Kids AHG Club

The Kids AHG Club is a fun and exciting way for your child to stay connected with the Autism Horses Group’s community.

Whether you are a past, present or future participant in one of our programs, or found our website from wherever you are located throughout the world, the Kids AHG Club is open to all children experiencing autism and is free to join.

The Kids AHG Club run autism only kids competitions, your child will receive a birthday letter each year, AHG toys and much more.

Our objective is to provide your child with the knowledge that they are part of a community who are here all year round to support them on their journey in life, one to be filled with joy, love and connectedness!

Autism Horses Group Kids Club

What Our Clients Have to Say...

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Join the Kids AHG Club

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Membership Benefits:

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