Capacity Building & Independent Functioning

Supporting mental health and neurodiversity

Daily Living Skills Program

Autism Horses Group practise a relationship based, play and experiential model of therapy. Our Capacity Building & Independent Functioning Program has been created for specific-needs children and adults, and is available in both sensory seeking and sensory avoidance formats. 

Our unique therapy environment promotes the bond between horse and participant, helping them to develop the natural, core skills they need to function in society.

A major highlight of this Program for parents, caregivers and plan managers is our ‘no demand stimulus’ therapy environment as well as our individually tailored program to suit your specific therapy goals as per your therapy plan. 

Our Capacity Building & Independent Functioning Program is available in-person and online via video conference. 

Capacity Building & Independent Functioning Program

This program will help:

In-Person and Online

Sessions & Program Options

Single Sessions

Session Price: $240

Capacity Building & Independent Functioning Program - sessions

Booking a one hour single session is ideal for getting a feel for our program, and to gauge if our program is the right fit for your family and therapy goals.

The participant will take part in activities with the entire therapy herd; including calling up and feeding the herd; meeting the herd members, and choosing a herd member to mount.

Daily living skills will be practised and an Activity Sheet for NDIS Planning purposes will be provided.

Video Sessions

Package Cost: $792

Capacity Building & Independent Functioning - online

If you are not conveniently located, or have logistical challenges, our 3 Session Video package is flexibly delivered around your individualised therapy goals.

Three pre-recorded, 30 minute individualised therapy sessions will work through one of your therapy goals from your NDIS ‘Goals’ section of your plan. 

The best part is, you have these on-hand to refer back to as needed. An Activity Sheet for NDIS Planning purposes is provided.

Personalised Program

Program Cost: $4,300-5,500*

Capacity Building & Independent Functioning Program

You will see the effect of our full and individually tailored program on the functional capacity of your child or family member.

Outcomes of our program include improvements in social interaction, communication, and a reduction in restricted or repetitive thoughts and behaviours.

The program includes over 12 therapy contact hours, all materials, mandatory session reporting and preparation, key therapist monitoring and assessments, and a full 7-9 page comprehensive and supportive report for your annual NDIS meeting.

* Cost is based on the participant’s individual requirements and support required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Capacity Building & Independent Functioning Program FAQs
Who can apply for the training?

Our training programs are open to all members of the neurodiverse community. Autism Horses Group work with clients from the ages of two years upwards. 

I am unsure of mine or my child's dominant sensory profile. Can you assist?

We are here to help. If you are unsure of yours or your child’s dominant sensory profile, ask us for our Sensory Profiling Questionnaire at the time of your booking, or get in touch with us via the contact page or the below form. Our team are standing or pawing by!

Are you a registered NDIS Provider?

Yes, we are a registered NDIS Provider and provide all our program participants with a full in-depth report for your annual NDIS Planning Meeting

I am not sure how I or my child will react around a horse.

We use equine assisted activities and therapy (EAAT) techniques within a behavioural therapy approach, resulting in our unique, evidence-based programs. We chose horses as our co-facilitators for their calming effect on the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). If you are unsure how you or your child will react around a horse, before committing to a full program, we recommend either an Individual Session or one of our Sensory Sessions. We also welcome enquiries from NDIS Support Co-ordinators

Can I own an AHG trained therapy horse?

If you are interested in owning an Autism Horses Group trained therapy horse, please inquire via our contact page or the below form.


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