Neurodivergence Training

Education for Workplaces, Schools & RTOs

Your team is your greatest business asset, and neurodiversity gives your team superpower qualities.
If you want to draw out the strengths of your neurodiverse team members as well as improve team cohesion, there is a way.

We will show you how.

Strengths in Neurodiversity is a deeply misunderstood, under-represented and information heavy area in workplaces.

At Autism Horses Group we understand that offering guidance, providing leadership and developing productive workspaces for neurodiverse teams can be overwhelming for corporations, businesses and institutions.

With our Program, we provide the knowledge, training and support needed for Neurodivergent workplaces so they can offer greater support to their team members in order to improve productivity and create a motivated, thriving and cohesive work environment.

We deliver fully customised workplace wellbeing packages for businesses in the corporate sector, for schools and registered education organisations. Our Program includes training on productivity outcomes at the personal level, as well as team cohesion, workplace flow and individual wellbeing.

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Dr Wenn Lawson PhD, acclaimed International Neurodiversity Lecturer, Researcher & Key Therapy Team Member

Supporting and educating neurodiverse teams in the workplace

Autism Horses Group partner with industry leaders across all sectors to help team managers, members and neurodiverse teammates to set up strengths-based workspaces where all team members thrive.

Our Education Programs were developed in 2022 by our neurodivergent team to specifically meet the growing needs of organisations.

Supporting you

How We Help

Our specialised Education Program is designed to enable you to identify specific strengths in your neurodiverse team, and provides you with the options and tools you need to support those team members who struggle to convert those abilities into workplace outcomes.

Cristelle Stott, Specialist Counsellor, Key Therapy Team Leader, & Managing Director at Neurodivergence Training Australia

Our approach combines a mix of evidence-based training, support, creative and informed case management strategies to ensure our clients have the best chance of managing their wellbeing and work outflow.

We are champions of real-world advice for our clients — ensuring that their investment in workplace development and training provides a strong return on investment.

Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all management approaches to team wellbeing. We meet each client where they’re at to engage them in their own strengths to facilitate the ability to thrive in empowered workplace design and decision-making.

We conduct a range of assessments to assist in individual and workplace planning.

We’ve developed the Autism Horses Group NeuroThrive Management Program in response to the growing body of research that supports the effectiveness of structured neuro-specific approaches in helping teams improve their awareness and acceptance of diverse workplaces.

Ready to activate the hidden superpowers in your neurodiverse workspace?

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